Man, 47 years old
France (88)
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Pragmatique (et lucide) : car cette traversée nécessite la déclinaison de valeurs communes d'engagement, de fidélité, de don de soi, de respect, d'écoute et bien sûr une attirance réciproque tant au niveau psychologique, qu'affectif, spirituel et physique. Bref, vous lavez compris, je ne suis à la recherche, ni d'une relation éphémère, ni ď'amies, ni ďéchanges pour combler une solitude. Ma vie est saine, équilibrée, et je souhaite simplement vous rencontrer pour une relation durable, sereine, ap


Looking for a woman


Dating Serious

Size & Weight

180 cm 88 kg

My interests

Autos // Motos Family Fashion and Trend Beauty / / Health / / Wellness Home and Gardening Music Sports Travel


I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Zodiacal signs are marks to refine its relations with the others if one can see and use them to smooth the differences . A Capricorn is the most self-possessed person. Capricorn is the calmest sign, he doesn't know the irritation and always try to avoid conflicts and quarrels. With an acute sense of evidence, the Capricorn never takes a situation lightly. Fair and right, Capricorn is someone we can rely on. Capricorn hates lying more than anything.


Mohammed Ali, David Bowie, Jim Carrey, Jeanne D'Arc, Marilyn Manson, Kate Moss, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Rabbit is smart, attentive, delicate and inaccessible. He always search for permanent pleasure and avoid too much effort or conflict. He refuses the real world because he seeks pleasure first. He hates being embarrassed or when one moves his property. He is honest, loyal and he likes to make collections.


The natives of Rabbits are fine and delicate. They have ambition and evolve thanks to their efforts and qualities. They are attentive to others and love inviting people. Their hospitality is legendary. Rabbits are often conservative.


Some rabbits are too orthodox and can become out-of-date and maniacs.

My lucky numbers are

1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 19, 35,